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  Life energy – Alpine burnout treatment

The burnout syndrome

It is still not clear whether the burnout syndrome is primarily a physical or psychological problem. Most likely this varies from person to person and possibly it is a combination of both. Most therapies offered today are singular treatments focusing on only one aspect. Often, the physical aspect is neglected during psychological intervention, although physical therapy would very likely restore the energy of a person much faster. An interesting and successful approach has been developed in naturopathy, which is explained in more detail in the following.

To lead a healthy and active life

In order to recharge the batteries, physical activity is essential in addition to a healthy diet and sufficient sleep. Less helpful here are the demanding, risky and competitive physical activities, but rather physical movement in the Alpine environment.
Based on individually developed daily programs, skiing and physical activities in the outdoors will recharge your body, clear your head and set your soul free.
Supported by life energy consultations, consciously experiencing and breathing in the fresh high altitude air during activities will help you to deal with stress and regain a physical and mental balance, thus rediscovering the joy of life.

Prevention is the best approach to maintaining high performance

More and more companies have been recognizing the importance of burnout and have become active in burnout prevention. It is often the most skillful and productive employees who are affected, and who – due to shortage in the number of highly qualified personnel – are difficult to replace. Stress at work has developed into an economic problem at work because sick and overwhelmed people make mistakes and are less productive. People afflicted with burnout syndrome often return to work at 70% capacity or do not return at all.
As a result, individual coaching designed by a life energy, stress and burnout coach during holidays has gained in popularity during the past years, facilitating the full relaxation of the body and supporting body and mind in regaining balance and efficiency again through physical activities on skies in the outdoors.
We analyze each person individually to develop a treatment plan that includes support measurements aimed at integrating aspects of the treatment into every-day-life to ensure the long-term effect of this coaching.
Focusing on physical activities often allows old and new ideas and goals to resurface, which we will be happy to help define in coaching discussions before assisting in developing plans on how to realize them.

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