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Heliskiing Tiroler Skischule Arlski St. Anton
heli ski St. Anton Arlski

The Arlberg is one of the few areas where heliskiing is still possible.

Der Mehlsack (the flour bag)
For experienced skiers, this is an ideal location to experience deep powder snow, and to ski on firn in spring, offering a variety of magic runs. The run in direction of the Spillersee famous for its many sunny slopes is considered one of the most spectacular ones in the late spring.

Das Schneetal (the snow valley)
The landing patch is right below the Orgelscharte and the run takes you down into the snow valley, ending right behind Zug. This trip is particularly nice in spring on firn, and is also suitable for skiers at the intermediate level.

The helicopter flight and the trip will be organized by me. Heliskiing can be done Mondays to Fridays, and up to 4 people including the guide can participate.

Heli-Skiing Arlski  
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