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arlski skikurs st. anton
  Arlski_Kids_1   Private lessons for children
Private lessons are the best way to teach children of 6 years or older how to ski as they receive the undivided attention of the ski instructor and individual training. This is important for children of this age group to nurture their joy of skiing and being out in the snow, and so that they get the most out of their restricted time on the slopes.
Individual instruction allows me to fully focus on your child and design the lessons specifically to meet the requirements of your child. Siblings and friends are welcome as well. The children will develop a very high level of confidence on skies which will foster their joy of the sport.Private

Lessons for adults
Lessons are individually designed based on your special request and needs. In doing so, private lessons are the most exclusive and efficient way to reach your goals and to develop the skills and confidence that will allow you to fully enjoy the magnificent ski runs of the Arlberg. You have the flexibility to determine the scheduling of lessons, hence can plan your holiday your way to fully enjoy your time in St. Anton.

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